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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Today I shall bake for us

I began hanging the fabrics for Pino Pie Day and just love watching the different shades of white and beige blow in the breeze, and cast shadows-abstract originals that change each second. I like putting up the sheets and banners-it is like prepping for a god dinner party, anticipating the guests and good conversations.

I spent time today making pie dough, leisurely. It was so nice, the weather is so pleasant-thank goodness, after all those 95 degree days. Perhaps my slight gloom in the last post was draught related.

Today I am breaking Pino Pie tradition. Usually, and this was a secret until this very moment, usually I make an extra walnut pie along with the others, and hide it on Pie Day to ensure Martyn and I get some later on. I know, it's horrible when the host hides food, but it's my party and I need to know that walnut pie is going to be there for me at night's end. But this year, I'm baking one tonight for us, so we can have pie leading up to the big day.

Hope I see some of you! And if you can't come, you can help out this important Misfit event by heading over to the funding page-and playing along at various reward levels.


Terra said...

You deserve that walnut pie and I am sure your Pino Pie Day will be a great success.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your pie, is it like pecan or less sweet Sounds intriguing. xox

Katherine Dunn said...

Thanks, Terra, for stopping by and the salute! Corrine, it is a pecan pie recipe, with walnuts on top-I prefer it, less sweet. A garish promo, the Walnut Pie recipe is in DOnkey Dream the book http://donkeydreamthebook.blogspot.com

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