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Healing Cat Cottage

{Scroll down to donate if you are so inclined. Anything over $50 gets an Itty Bitty book}

In 2016, Apifera relocated to mid coast Maine, with all The Misfits. The semi feral cat colony of 20+ lived a long, good life in Oregon, many living past age 12, including the founding father, Big Tony, who still resides at Apifera Maine in the house, living like a king.

Now in Maine, we are ready to help cats again. We have a large area in the main Misfit barn, complete with windows and a secure door, and heat
They have things to climb around and perch on.

Mutual Healing for Cat and Human:
The area is also set up so that visitors can come and sit with the cats, read to them, spend time drawing them, holding those that will allow it.

The goal at this stage is to home five cats who will live out their remaining days at Apifera. We are focusing on senior cats, and special need elders. Meet the first three residants!

The long term plan that we will hopefully be able to complete this spring, if finances allow, is to make the room part of the upper loft area which will be used as a place I can have my art and creative workshops. The Cat Room will be tied into the upper loft, so the cats can roam freely, and not have danger of escaping. This way, the cats can be themselves, and interact with workshop attendees if they wish.

At first i saw the cat room as simply that, but then I realized I want it to be a places of activity too, so the cats feel part of the community here in the barn, but can still be safe and secure.

If you would like to donate to the Healing Cat Cottage-for feed, meds, litter, blankets, etc....it is all appreciated. We still care for the many Misfits which requires time, energy, love, commitment...and money.

Stay tuned as I develop workshops around the Misfits and the Healing Cat Cottage.

Anytime you donate $50 or more and you get an Itty Bitty & Big Etta Book  or choose between "Donkey Dream" and "Misfits of Love". But all sizes of donations help with feed costs.

Add any amount below you'd like. {Email me if you want to pay in another way}.