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Pino Pie Day

On June 14th, 2015, Apifera had the final Pino Pie Day [collective sighs from the barnyard]. After nine years of baking homemade pie and sharing it with strangers, complete with donkey hugs, I felt an internal nudge that this was a good time to end the annual fundraiser. Closing one door will open others, and I want time and energy to create other more intimate gatherings here at the farm. 


Free admission [a donation is suggested and appreciated - this event  helps raise money to maintain Apifera's adopted "Misfits" -special needs elder goats, donkeys, ponies and more adopted out of neglect] Katherine's homemade pie is her gift to you as are the donkey hugs.  Katherine's books, art and the farm's lavender are also sold with proceeds going to help maintain the farm's Misfits.

Apifera is home to many barn animals adopted from needy situations - an old neglected donkey, an old goose and her flock of ducks, a blind-earless 40 year old pony and her daughter, a sweetly grumpy pig and her crippled goat companion, old goats and many cats.

All ages merge at Pie Day. Favorite quote from an eight year old fan of Pino, who said to her mother as she was leaving, "That was the best day of my life."

The farm also participates in environmental and conservation programs coordinated by county and state/fed level-including CREPS to help reestablish native plants and species on their riverfront and another program to help reestablish native nectar plants to help repopulated the endangered Fender's Blue Butterfly. Martyn Dunn is a landscape contractor and horticulturist and the perennial gardens are a joy this time of year.

It actually started with a broken heart. It all started when Katherine delivered a fresh pie to a nearby farm, with Pino the donkey at her side, and the gesture was so well received, that she realized she had to do it more, as a way to share two things she loved - pie and donkeys. But donkey pie deliveries took a long time, so she realized in one of her more brilliant moments, that she must bring the people to Pino, and share pie and donkey on a larger scale.

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