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Harry Chronicle

The first issue of The Harry Chronicle, a full color newspaper that will promote joy, wisdom, humor, ideas and more. We came up with this idea as another unique way to help our elder friends who are still in lock down. All the residences that Harry visits will get free delivery and multiple copies of the newspaper. The care staff are also recipients.

The elders will get the actual printed 24 page newspaper.  But I also have an online version for family or Apifera followers. The online version is free, but I hope that if people like the idea, they will share a donation with Apifera. 

Each printed issue costs about $1000 to print. I am paying for that out of my own business funds, not the non profits.

Harry is editor-in-chief, Pickles is proofreader, and I am everything else.

Our hope is to work with our activity directors so that each quarterly issue might include things from the elder homes-letters, stories, art-anyway that they feel they can reach out to Harry and the outside world.

The issue contains Paco Poetry, Harry Chats, Ask Harry, Stories from Apifera, photos and art, an Opinion section, and The Barnyard Dirt which is gossip from the barnyard.

You can purchase a copy of the paper for $25 [includes USA shipping. Your tax deduction is $10]. You can also subscribe to all 4 issues [fall, holiday, spring, summer] for $100 [includes US shipping. Your tax deduction is $85] Or if you just want to support Harry and Apifer, please consider a donation

Enjoy the paper! Next issue will be holiday, 2020.


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