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EVENT: October 6, 2018, Saturday, 2018 PINO PIE DAY IS BACK!
After a two year hiatus-Pino and I needed a rest after moving across the country!- we will open up Apifera to the much loved Pino Pie Day...on October 6, 2018. I'm hoping by announcing it now, that some old Misfit friends can join us. Maine will be beautiful that time of year and it will also be a a holiday weekend so it brings out the people. I will be creating a separate page to give people ideas for nearby places to stay and other information. I'm really excited. We'll have pie, of course, my books and art will be available, people can walk to Rag Tree and hang a prayer rag, Opie will perform, people can visit the Elder Cat Suite. And of course, it will also act as a fundraiser for our 501[c][3] to help our mission of taking in elder animals. Stay tuned as I percolate.

New Books!

  • "Little Tulip" {It will be okay} illustrated hardcover, release date July, 2018 Pre-order now>
  • To Be Announced, Fall, 2019, stay tuned, another illustrated 'comfort book"
  • 2020, photo book of Apifera Farm highlighting the animals and our essence

Summer, 2018 The New Barn We did it! We raised the $20,000 for the third barn and work will begin in June/July 2018. The new barn will help us help more elder /special needs animals and make the other two barns function more efficiently.

April-May, 2018 We are busy making an area at the farm, amongst the gardens, where our elder friends can come visit, and enjoy the animals, and the nature and gardens.

January 2018 Elder Visits
We are visiting two elder facilities on a regular basis with Opie, Pino and now Hughie the elder blind pug too. We have 4 other elder facilities that are part of the same network and we will be visiting all of them in time, this year. Stay tuned. We also are having a meet and greet for all of the residents in May so they can see the animals.

September 7, 2017 Do you have an elder/special needs animals needing rehoming?
Please contact Katherine, tell her about the animal and reasons for needing rehoming. We have room right now for elderly/special needs goats. We can also hear about other species including cats but we are limited to stall/pasture space, so can not accommodate everyone., and have to make smart decisions. We also take on hospice cases or animals that can not do well in their herd as an elder, or crippled condition. We can take on kids from breeders that might otherwise be euthanized due to their physical issues.

August 31, 2017 Apifera is officially a registered 501 [c][3]
Our mission is to harbor elderly and special needs animals at our farm and also share their stories
through word, art and image. We also aim to share these animals on site and off with elderly and special needs people. Pino the little donkey has been doing this for years, and now Opie the traveling ambassador of love is communing with elders.

July 20, 2017: Apifera is now an incorporated non profit
We are officially incorporated in the state of Maine as a non profit.
Visit our donation page >

Our mission:
Apifera Farm is a non-profit dedicated to bringing animals and elder/special needs people together in their elder care facilities, as well as at the farm, for mutual healing and wellness. The 501c will also bring together special needs individuals with any special needs animals on the farm for mutual encouragement and healing. The 501c will also provide a safe haven at its farm for elder/special needs barn animals and creatures on a case by case manner [even if it is a hospice case].

Pino and Opie at Inn Along the Way Open Farm Day
Saturday, June 24, 2017
{Damriscotta, ME}

Inn Along the Way is a wonderful old farm that is being turned into an elder community-with small houses, hospice suites and an inn for travelers and guests. It promotes the idea of creating community for people as they age, where they can partake in activities but also live out there lives with dignity, independence and a sense of place. I am committed to coming to the Inn with my Misfits to share animal healing.

Opie the therapy goat goes visiting to elders
Opie and I have started a relationship an elder care residence network here in Maine. We plan to visit twice a month, and eventually have the residents come to the farm once we are set up for it.

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