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Saturday, June 24, 2017
Inn Along the Way 
Open Farm Day, 
{Damriscotta, ME}

Pino and Opie will be at  Inn Along the Way to share love, and I will be there with books to sell.

Inn Along the Way is a wonderful old farm that is being turned into an elder community-with small houses, hospice suites and an inn for travelers and guests. It promotes the idea of creating community for people as they age, where they can partake in activities but also live out there lives with dignity, independence and a sense of place.

I am committed to coming tot he Inn with my Misfits to share animal healing.

Pino last fall at Inn Along the Way sharing love

Whatever happened to the Magical Misfit Bookmobile?
Back in 2015, before we knew we were moving the farm from Oregon to Maine, I had a brainy idea to turn a dilapidated trailer into a mobile bookstore, where I could have Pino or another Misfit, share my books and allow people to experience the healing of sitting with an animal, reading to them, or buying books.

I had  a successful Kickstarter [I have had three successful book fundings with Kickstarter] and raised about $3800 for materials. But then, months later, we were thrown into chaos with our trans country move. We would need a very large expensive trailer to haul the 30+ animals, and the little dilapidated trailer would not be coming with us.

My backers were understanding, but we all were excited about the idea and I promised it would evolve once we settled in Maine.

Well. I felt the twinge this week to get back on it.

I am looking at this as a two stage project now. I can only work Martyn so much and we have so many projects to do on the new farm-last year we built a new barn, did fencing and paddocks and we're still not done-it's never done.

And now that I have little Opie, the therapy goat, and I have a new idea to get my Misfit Mobile rolling.

I am going to look into getting a garden cart-the sturdy kind with mesh sidings, and have Martyn help me build it into a little room for Opie, and the top would have my books. I could put it in the truck and have it at various events. I don't think that would cost too much and I could make it cute. Opie has already been on his first outing and is a real hit.

Then next year, I can look into getting a tiny trailer to make into the book mobile. Ideas are like that, they evolve! So stay tuned.

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