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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pie Love: How to prepare fruit for baking

Visit the apple tree you plan to harvest and let it know you will be making an apple pie soon. This allows the apple tree to prepare itself for the harvesting of its fruit. Wait at least one day and return to the apple tree.

Speak kindly; do not rush yourself, or the tree. The tree will show you which apples you should pick. Trees are forgiving, so if you make a mistake, they will not hold it against you. Thank the apple tree with more kind words — or embrace it, but ask first, for trees are like people, they don't all feel comfortable with hugging.

Return to your kitchen with your apples, stopping to chat with any birds, leaves, cats, dogs, or bugs that you come upon. Do not rush with your chatter, and when you finally get to your kitchen, lovingly say good-bye to the apples. This is not a sad time for the apples, nor should it be for you. The tree mother has well prepared them for this day, and they know all their energy has gone into being the apple they now are. They are confidant and brave, and feel no pain after leaving the mother tree. Before slicing the apples, hum or sing to them. It doesn't matter what song you choose. The slices will appreciate this kind gesture as they go to sleep. Then place them in a bowl of sugar for fifteen minutes before putting your pie together.

Excerpt from "Donkey Dream" { A Love Story of Pie and Farm} an illustrated memoir by Katherine Dunn of Apifera Farm. Please consider pledgin/pre ordering a copy at the current Kickstarter project. I  only receive the money if we make the funding goal. Ends 3/23/14.


Lori said...

Sweetness! It's just the way I treat my raspberries !

LR said...

approaching it with thankfulness and reverence. so beautiful.

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