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Wednesday, November 02, 2022

I hope you will join me on Patreon. Pickles [kind of] helped.


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I have launched a Patreon page.It will be the place I share new, creative projects- sharing short stories starring the barnyard, but also audio conversations with the animals. Videos too. {I will still be on IG and FB, but Patreon will be my place of creative focus. 

FYI-The blog will be a place for archived information of the last 18 years, and will post important news, such as deaths, new work...etc. But think of the blog as a central index to the last 18 years of me, and Apifera. Patreon will share my new creative story work.


In the good old days, before social media, I wrote stories on my blog. Readers and followers interacted in comments. It was really a community. While I have many loyal followers to my Instagram and Facebook, I like the fact that we can be more intimate on Patreon–I tell a story and maybe Pickles pops in to participate [that is a lot of ‘p’s}. You can close your eyes and listen to recordings of me and, maybe Harry the llama, having a conversation. Social media is chaotic, and while wonderful in many ways, I want the Patreon page to be MRS.DUNN TALKING DIRECTLY TO YOU THE READER.

So my intention is that this Patreon site will be my go-to-place to share new stories and audio/video content. I’ll still post photos and farm updates on IG and FB of course, but there we will be more intimate and unencumbered by ads, and algorithms.

All level of support gets the same content. And I've kept the bottom level at only $5/month. 

Pickles interrupted my initial greeting, but...of course she did!

And I’m going to have fun with this! So when I say you are getting monthly updates, it might be more. Never less, but often more. I like to share! Also, I’m new to this platform and am still learning the set up and there will be glitches, I’m sure, so be patient, and feel free to write me anytime with thoughts, ideas, trouble.

I’ve been sharing content-writing, photos, books, humor, poems, puppets and art-since I first started the old blog in 2005 back when Apifera was forming. And one thing I’ve been missing of late is...the feeling someone is really listening, or reading. Many of you have been with me for a long time, and I appreciate that. I am excited because I feel a sense of adventure with this, and I have not felt that for awhile, especially as readership to the blog lessened as social media took over. I want to do more podcast-radio-voice work with the animals, or share my written words through my audio recordings too. Pickles and Puddles want a radio show...I’m serious, I don’t make this stuff up.

Your subscriptions are meaningful not only for it’s-helpful-to-pay-the-bills-I’m-a-freelancer-aspect, but they also lift me up emotionally, I will admit that. I will always create, but support is meaningful to artists.We are a sensitive bunch.

Thank you. Mrs. Dunn

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