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Can I come visit your farm?
We just relocated our entire farm from Oregon to Maine in May, 2016. We are busy building a new barn and a workshop area in another barn and getting settled. I plan on having workshops, and other events as early as summer 2017. Stay tuned.

I'm a teacher and would like to bring my class here to draw the animals. Do you charge for that? I am really open to working with teachers, but do need to set a minimum fee for any work session. Email me with your class size, ages, and other info and I'll get back to you.

I have an elderly parent [or blind person, or physically challenged friend, etc] in a wheelchair and would love to bring her to the farm for a visit. Is that possible?

One of my goals here in Maine is to continue to bring animals and people together  in a healing way with the elderly, the blind, and physically challenged. While I might not be able to accommodate everyone, please email me if you have special needs like this. If you work with any kind of nursing/elder care facility I'd love to build relationships with you for farm visits.

Can you bring a Misfit to our class or nursing home?
Oh, I'd love to! Just email me. I'd also like to do 'Reading Days" where kids or adults read to the Misfits. I would love to have the elderly visit here, so please contact me if you work with the elderly and can arrange a visit to Apifera. We have had many wheelchairs here. My therapy animals are usually Pino the donkey and recently little Opie the pygmy goat.

Can I just pop in? I'm going to be visiting the area?
Please, no pop-ins unless you're Neil Young. The gates are locked and then there is Marcella...and Benedetto. All the animals are trained to gather in a large circle and tie pop-ins to a tree.

Would you ever illustrate a book I've written?
I don't work on speculative projects at this time. If you have a publisher for your book and want to suggest me, I'd be happy to discuss it with the editor or art director and you.

Can I use your photos and copy them, into a painting or illustration
No, I own the copyright on all my photos and don't allow that. Many of my photos are being used in other ways so I keep a tight reign on them. If you want to negotiate usage of any photo or art here, just email me and I can give you a bid.

I love good writing and art. I took 32 of your art images off the blog and combined them with a well known author's story about a donkey. I thought you'd enjoy it and am posting the link.
This actually happened to me and I was very upset to say the least. I was even more amazed when the infringer was angry with me for being a spoiled sport. She also had violated the author's intellectual property. If you don't understand what copyright is or are unsure of a certain case, just ask.

Can I share the photos, writings or art from your blog or art site?
All images/text are in my copyright. You can share ENTIRE blog posts by using the share features at the bottom of every post. You can not do a screen grab, or crop parts of images and post them. If you want to write about an animal, an event and want to use a picture for that purpose, I ask that you email me first. No commercial usage, or personal usage of any art or photo without negotiating a contract, or without permission. Please be professional and polite, and ask. Usage is one way an artist makes a living - and their might be important reasons I don't want you using my work.

This is why I've started putting a bigger © notice on images, due to the many people that neglect to give credit, or repost things improperly. I know I can't control everything - but when someone alerts me to one of my images being posted on a teenager's semi porn Tumblir site, I get grumpy. But I do report them.

Can I sponsor an animal?
Yes! We love that. While all animals will be cared for, donations and help are greatly appreciated! You can now do monthly sponsorships-for as little as you can afford-and get rewards in return. Sponsor page >

May I marry Pino?
I'm afraid not, he has sworn to never marry, preferring to be more like a Buddha or saint that heals and stands for hugs for who ever comes his way.

How about Earnest?
None of the animals are available for marriage.

Did you write "Geek Love"?
No, we are often confused, and I do consider her a mentor and ally and was lucky enough to get to spend time with her and have her support my art and writing while I lived in Oregon. RIP.