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Rag Tree

The Rag Tree is located in The Wood at Apifera. At this time, it is a secret spot known only to Martyn and myself and the wood creatures. Mrs. Mercy Studley surely knows its whereabouts too.

The Rag Tree will hold the wishes and prayers of people from all over. Send us your rags with a word written on it, or a message. I will be placing them on the tree. In time the little rags might fade and shred, but the energy and intention of the message will not be lost.You can be creative and send messages on cardboard pieces or wood-anything you want., even paper - it is the intention of your message that is important to the Rag Tree, not how long it lasts physically.

You can also send a letter-a letter to a lost pet or loved one, a letter to your higher self, anything you feel you need to write, a letter forgiving yourself of something that you have never shared. It will be placed in the special red box by the tree. Some people also might like to send trinkets or items symbolic of something-coins for prosperity when needed, photos, anything that you desire or hope for, or want to pray for.

You do not have to share your name if you don't want to.

In time, Martyn will build the Humble Hut, with one simple bench. And people will be able to sit and read the letters in the red box if they wish, or sit amongst the many hopes and wishes that mingle in the air, blowing all over-and perhaps even coming back from time to time.

It will be a sacred place...where we can remember the generosity of nature, and the power of intention and hope.

Please send your items to

Rag Tree
c/o Katherine Dunn/ Apifera Farm
315 Waldoboro RD
Bremen, ME 04551

[please do not attempt to 'pop in' to Apifera, we are not open to the public. Thank you for respecting our privacy]

When I receive your items I will bring them to Rag Tree, but I will not be notifying you when they arrive. The important thing is the intention of your message.

I gave Rag Tree a red horse for company

Shells had been left with a fort at the base of the tree

A fading Wisdom Doll lives out her life in the arms of the tree

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