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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

When crippled goats get gifts from kind strangers

Over the past many years of writing this blog, I've come to know many of the readers. Some come and visit at some point, even becoming close friends. Others lurk, and years after lurking they send me a long letter how they've been lurking reading every word and getting much out of the stories from Apifera. Sometimes, I get an email that makes me stop and wonder if it is real-like the man who out of the blue wanted to contribute to the old pony paddock in Oregon.

Well last week I got such a letter, from a woman I didn't know who had just bought an Itty book, so I knew she was "real". She had found herself growing fond of Sir Tripod Goat and having had a special needs dog at one time, she knew how much effort goes into making them comfortable. She wanted to buy Tripod a wheelchair. Now I knew these wheelchairs are expensive so I proceeded cautiously. For starters, I was really touched she wanted to help like this. But the more I assessed Tripod's condition, I felt it might not work for him.

After talking to several people I trust, and a vet I knew, Martyn and I both decided the wheelchair wasn't the right idea for Tripod for a variety of reasons. We came to the conclusion it might make his front shoulders worse off than they already are, and, unless I stood all the time with him there was the danger of him rolling over and not being able to right himself. And, he really likes to be laying down. His hind is so crippled that fitting comfortably in one could be an issue too. I didn't want someone buying such a gift and not being able to use it a lot so I suggested a couple other items for Tripod-a 'lifter' that will help him get him from the barn to the sunny paddock-this will also hopefully help me from spraining my back like I did caring for Professor Otis Littlebery in his final days. And there was a pee proof cushion which might really help him-since he likes to have a fusion of bedding under him when he goes to lay down [a painful process to watch]. And the lifter is something I could have used a million times over the years so will be put to other Misfit uses I'm sure.

So those items are en route.

This kind stranger was so happy to be able to do this-and it was infectious to feel that happiness of a simple offering to another human being and their charges. It reminded me how much good is in this world, and that kind deeds are for the recipient but they also heal and help the giver. Accepting the gifts of another person, even a stranger, to me is an act of grace and with grace comes love and peace on both ends.

She's no longer stranger to us. We call her Tripod's Friend. And we thank her!

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