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Support my Animal Efforts

Sir Tripod Goat, a crippled three legged Misfit, enjoys his morning light .

I have a fundraiser going on, with reward levels, at my GOFUND page.

I am raising money to build a quarantine shelter/small barn for incoming barn animals. I have developed a relationship with Maine's state veterinarian so that Apifera can be a safe haven for certain barn animals that need temporary or long term shelter/care after being found in neglectful situations.

Apifera's mission: to be a care farm for animals in need of shelter or hospice, and bringing people, animal and farm together for mutual healing and peace.


I always appreciate people sharing their support for the work I do here at Apifera either with the adopted animals or sharing story, art and images.

Anytime anyone donates $25, I send an "Itty Bitty & Big Etta" book; $50 gets you copy of "Donkey Dream" or "Misfits of Love". {Please note, international addresses need to pay additional shipping if they want a book.}

How to donate: Visit my Paypal link and enter any amount you choose.