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Supposedly there is a small tin box with the scribbled names of every person who shows love to us via donations, notes, or subscriptions. It is in the barnyard somewhere, and only The Head Troll knows where it is, and The Head Mistress. So when you donate or subscribe, you become an official Outer Misfit, the term the barnyard uses. Someday I'll look for the tin, but it is in good hands.

Writing and creating stories and art is how I make a living. Making a living is how I'm able to continue my work with the elder and special needs Misfits. I've been writing this blog for almost 10 years- hard to believe! If you value the stories, art, the Pino movies, the Grumpy Pig chats, Paco's Hunting Guides, donkey ponderings, The Head Troll updates, chicken underpants, and the mysteries of The White Dogs-please consider subscribing below. The barnyard has an endless supply of amusement ahead for you as do I, and a few tear jerkers to come, I can assure you.

- Please note we are not a 501c or a rescue. We are small farm raising sheep that also has the land, time and desire to help elderly, special needs animals.
- For the record, we eat a 75%plant/25%meat diet, raising our own sheep becasue we don't support factory farming. If our choice of diet is a conflict for you, you need not read further.

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4} Donate in honor of a friend or pet: If a friend has lost a loved one or pet, you can donate any amount [by Paypal or check]. For donations $50 or more {USA only}, a gift wrapped book is sent to the honoree and I include a note stating that you donated to the Misfits in their honor [or their pet's honer, their loved one's honor, etc].

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