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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Country ride for the soul

Our neighboring farmer up the road has 6 Percherons that he employs for all his field work. He also does a lot of educational events where he takes his team to historical events and fairs to demonstrate how our ancestors worked a team. He takes people on overnight wagon rides, following the historical journeys or settlers. So, he thought it would be nice to gather neighboring farms and properties and invite us all on a 14-mile hay ride up to a local lodge on the mountain. The day was perfect. We rose just as the sun was rising to feed all the animals and get to the wagon for the 8AM departure. Frida and Betsy were the chosen Percherons to take us on our journey, and the weather could not have been more perfect. All sun, but crisp, glove and sweater weather. The temp decreased as we rose in elevation, but we were all prepared and it was just wonderful seeing the beauty of the leaves and forests, and hearing the clip-clop of the team. All the people on board were participating in the fighting of the near-by sub development mentioned in the previous post, and we actually drove by the property line at one point, noticing the survey stakes.

But it was a nice way to gather, and being with horses makes one remember, there are still wonderful things to surround oneself with, developers or no developers. They can't take that from a person.

After all the little children had departed, I sat up front with Joe who drove the wagon. We talked about the horses, and how all their tack worked. We both agreed, it's a much nicer view - that of a horse's rear and tail - than the tail lights of a car.

The nearby development possibility had me thinking of the land around us, how it might change. It made me think about how the arial view of the whole area will change over time, and already has, and how the birds and leaves see that before we do. That is where "If I Were a Leaf Falling" came from, a new little painting that is a love letter to the land.


Prairie Chick said...

I am so sorry to hear about the development moving into your area. I have been in Mpls. since yesterday morning and I was sooo glad to come home today. I can't believe how grown up it has become. Chaska is slowly moving towards the west, and I wonder how far the "cities" will come before it stops. I drove faster and faster the closer I got to home and now reading your blog,I consider myself lucky that farming is way big around these parts- and the land is just passed down to the kids instead of sold off for retirement. I just hope and pray we will not have to worry about 'development' in our lifetime. Good luck, you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Donna said...

There's nothing so soothing as the soft jostle of a wagon being pulled by a horse, the clip-clop keeping time. I'm glad you got to experience such a wonderful day.

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