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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Reminders of firsts

Watching Lucia quitely ponder her first snow flakes reminded me to stop and remember the thrill of the first snow. Growing up in Minnesota, we almost always had snowy winters. Winter isn't really winter to me here in Oregon, even though there is a season change. So a breif snow day is magical.

The fact that a liquid up in the sky turns into white flakes - how can one be so jaded not to stop, stand, and admire the snow? It lightens my heart.

I'm glad snow is white. Imagine if it were blue, it would be fabulous, but white goes with everything, and gives everything contrast.

If my posts seem heavy, dulled, it is because I am manically painting the kitchen. We have lived in a torn up kitchen for 3 years, and have finally reached a 'light at the end of the tunnel'. Other jobs were more important when we moved in - the place was a mess, outdated wiring, no furnace, bad fences and more. I feel like this year we turned a corner on the 2 biggest jobs - irrigation and the kitchen. Still so much to do, but an organized kitchen is my yearning, and it's coming to fruition. It's off white beadboard and butter yellow cupboards and plank floor. It screams out for pie baking. Once again, the merits of a handy husband are everywhere. Martyn is doing it all.

And as I paint another cupboard, I prepare mentally for 2008. What will happen this year? What characters will I encounter, or lose? I dream of art directors connecting with my work, illustration jobs, a publisher for Pino, and a new voice for our country. I have so much to paint.

Again - thank you so much to all my readers who write comments, and emails, and cards. I usually don't respond in teh comment section - it takes to long with a land line - but I appreciate your thoughts.


Cathy said...

Such a sweet photo of little Lucia and her first snowfall!

Please post pics of your kitchen when it's finished.

The little girls in Bogota loved the cards you sent me, and the illustrations I framed for them. Thank you for sharing, Katherine.

Feliz navidad to you, Martyn and all the souls at Apifera Farm.

Linda O'Neill said...

Nothing like sweet Lucia to make anyone's morning. Beautiful photo of her amidst the snowflakes.

It's snowing like crazy here in Boulder today. Lucia would be in donkey heaven! Give her a big kissie for me!

Anna said...

Donkeys in the snow! Hooray for it all!

Sandra Monat said...

Dear Katherine, I´m wishing you a great new year with many dreams coming true. Looking forward to a pic of your kitchen, it sounds wonderful :)

Amy Cameron Evans said...

Happy New Year, Katherine, Martyn, Pino, Paco, and Sweet Lucia! We are thinking about you here in Mississippi. I think we're going to have a pregnant cow on her way down here to live with us soon. (!) I am excited, but I hope you don't think less of me because we're adding a cow to our family before a donkey. But we'll have a donkey friend when the time is right. Till then, big love to all of you and wonderful wishes for the New Year. xoxo

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