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Thursday, August 04, 2011

The pig gets press

To say I am enamoured with her tail is an understatement. Rosie's tail, and the tale of bringing her here with Stevie the handicapped goat, is now published on Huffington Post.

Rosie is settling in very well. Her grumpiness has settled and she seems to really know my voice and smell now, allowing me to clean her eyes without fuss and get her to lay on her side for belly rubs. She is learning words and has a vocabulary of three right now, although I'm sure she has many more in her I just don't know yet myself.

I have many "pig" moments. Like a "horse" moment, this happens when I see her standing in the barnyard in her little piggy pose, and her little piggy tail swinging on her mini hippopotamus butt and I think,

"Wow, I have a pig now."

It is important to point out that at age 53, after being here 8 years, I still have many of these "moments" when I see my barn, horse, donkeys, goats, husband, garden, dogs, chickens, ducks, goose, or cats. Recognizing this allows me want for little...except maybe more fencing and gates. And ceder shakes.


NanaBeast said...

I recognize the want of cedar shakes. My parents have a cedar shake roof. Memories of my father are often memories of him on the roof replacing whole sections with new shakes. He is now 73 and my mother says he is done. From now on they hire shake replacement. And end to an era. The Cedar Shake era.

What do you want cedar shakes for - other than to smell them, like my dad does?

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

I want to shake the house, not the roof- I'd love to shake the new duck hut too.It's a lovely memory of you dad shaking the roof

Sue said...

I love your blog, your animal stories and your illustrations ... I have just bought your book on Amazon! My "farm" only consists of 2 black labs, mum & daughter, would like a pig, but I don't think I'd be allowed.

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