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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Walk on

So, as Neil Young said in song, sooner or later it all gets real, walk on.

And it is real. The van with all our belongings is on the way to Maine. We will be loading up all The Misfits, dogs and cats, and hopefully have room for ourselves, and leaving on Thursday. We plan to take five days to get there. We have layovers planned at various horse barns where we will pitch a tent and get some sleep and then head out each morning to see America.

I can tell you the excitement, as well as emotion, is building. In the next days, I don't plan any unusual send offs-I simply want to be on my land, alone with Martyn and my animals and remember it as our time as stewards, as we built it. The next owner will have wonderful adventures here and their own lessons. I feel like the energy we put into it will ooze for awhile, and then their energy will mesh with the land, and on and on.

I placed a White Dog, and old goat and a sheep in some branches, as a gesture for the farm that we will always remember it here, and our energy together is strong-we will watch over our memory with our hearts.

To be honest, I don't know what will happen the minute we drive off, with the sheep in the upper field, knowing my horse and donkeys are East, and my flock, Doris and June, Peaches, Otis, the chickens and Hazel the barn cat stay behind with the new owner. I suppose it will feel unsettling. I haven't decided if I will look up in the field one last time at my flock. I will just be there in the moment, but, once we hit the road, it's Maine bound.

We will be off to see America, and reunite with the equines-a glorious hello to look forward to!

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Lisa Hofmann said...

Wow ... I am teary eyed just imagining it all ... So much, so big, so magical. You rooted in the land, heard the stories and then shared yours. It is such a privilege to witness the dreaming and to see you trusting and following it. Both the land and you have been transformed through the exchange and how many of us can say the same? Thank you for this inspiration. You carry the farm in your heart and the farm will hold you in its collective soul. xo

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