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Monday, May 09, 2016

From cat to cat-a divine circle

After the van was all packed, I realized I had neglected to take this large canvas that hangs up high in my studio. It was of my first cat, Gracie, who I got in NYC in the '80's and she lived to 18.

At the end of her days, I knew my time to put her down was coming and I told myself when I finished this portrait of her maybe I'd have the courage. I eventually did, she was my first real pet as an adult so it was hard. It was 1997.

When I saw I'd forgotten to pack the painting, I thought I'd just ship it to Maine. But then I realized - it is meant to stay here, I think. For the other red tabby in my life, Peaches, will stay here on the farm with the new owners. I think it was fitting- this painting's meaning has now shifted-to my goodbye to sweet Peach.