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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The clouds came in over White Dog

Nothing more beautiful than white creatures against a Payne's gray sky. Last night around dusk the clouds started swirling and the wind was blowing as we sat on the deck. Leaves falling and blowing, and it was so beautiful, so autumnal.

Autumn brings out a lot of emotion in people I think. It does in me. I think of all the seasons autumn encompasses an equal balance of life and death. The sounds and smells remind me of being little, running home from school knowing it would be safe and warm; it brings up memories of my family and friends now gone-which is sad, but comforting. It enlivens me creatively. It is always the most hopeful season for me too as far as work and creativity goes.

It is the time to prepare the nest, with firewood and harvests, a time to get the hay stacked and know the animals will have water and food as winter comes down hard on us.

So autumn is full of contradictions, I guess.

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Ms. Becky said...

Love this photo. Yes, time to batten down the hatches.

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