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Monday, September 26, 2016

Livin' now

I've been swept up this weekend with a wonderful visit with my brother and his wife from Oregon. I am getting ready to eat fresh lobster after three days of tootleing around the mid coat showing off the beauty, visiting historical sites and learning and...eating. It feels like Sunday but it's almost Tuesday so I'm woefully out of sorts until tomorrow mid day when I can regroup.

I have no photos to show of our weekend, it was all just living in the moment and enjoying each other. So why not post a pic of Marcella and her charges, I thought.

I can tell you this: Rosie has buried herself for the first time in straw with the colder nights; Sir Tripod Goat banged his nose open perhaps on a ...pig...but he is fine; the horribly busy road in front of the farm is now quieting, finally, after the summer ground has died down; Litlle Sylvia Pettini stood up to Lillian at the food line; Earnest is very excited about pumpkin season as is Paco.

I promise to be back in full force this week. The weather is magnificent. There is much to talk about.