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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Opie says, "Let me outta' this barn!"

This morning it was beach weather, all of twenty degrees and it rose to almost thirty by noon with more warm temps and even rain at end of the week. It is a reawakening for all of us, even the birds sounded like they had been reborn. No ice chipping of buckets today, no gloves as I did chores, even my hat felt too warm.

I let Opie and Sophie wander around this morning as I did chores. They have been cooped up, like everyone, in the warmer interior of the barns out of the frigid arctic winds. Everyone is happy to get some sunshine and real out door air, and I was able to do a better barn cleanup.

Opie is our little sprite, such a joy that little chap is. I'm so glad he is with us. We have some therapy sessions planned in a week. He never lets anything get him down. Every morning he is joyful, everything is 'good'-the food, the hay, the running up the steps, the cleaning of the chicken coop, the visiting the chicken coop, the getting in my way in the chicken coop-everything is done with joy in his step and a imp look on his face. Opie also still comes up to me and pushes his head into me, a sign he wants his bottle, but now instead of milk he simply gets petted and loved, and he likes that a lot.

I hope you can all find some Opie joy in your day, no matter what you might be facing in your life, even for minutes as you watch him run.