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Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Birdie Update: New things, positivity renewal

It has been an incredible journey so far for me and Birdie. I began to doubt myself this past week. But I was reminded in a very concrete way doubting myself is not what Birdie needs, nor do I. I have been researching a lot, consulting with my physical therapist too which has helped a lot in my therapy with Birdie. But in the past day I reached out to someone I've known and worked with on healing encounters for 30 years [eegads!] and something clicked with me. I won't share the intimate parts of the conversation but Birdie but it was another piece to the puzzle and learning curve. Birdie's front legs suddenly became locked and rigid about a week or so ago. Her front had never been weak and I felt good about our progress in the sling and her therapy. I knew the locking up could be a condition of other things, but I was puzzled for days as to the true source. But it began to make sense. While I'm doing a lot right, Birdie needs more help to release contracted muscle and I was educated on Myofascial Release. I also am getting a heat pad for certain areas. I also asked followers if they had an old boom box for music for Birdie.

I read until midnight and found some stretches too that I can apply to her. The more I read last night the more I was inspired. I will also look for someone who has experience in this [a reader has someone she is going to talk to]. I also shared all of my progress with my vet, who has been very supportive and my vet and I are working on different combination and types of anti inflammatory drugs for Birdie's comfort and healing including both traditional meds and herb [which i would only do with her consult].

Last night after My talk with my healer, around 9 pm, I felt compelled to go to the barn and talk to Birdie. I told her I had been a bit down which of course she knew [by the way, if you are rolling your eyes, best move on from this page]...she was very calm. The past two days were hard on her and me because she was trying to get release from something, and I kept thinking it was something else. We sat for a long time in the dark of the barn, just my headlamp to light the room. Going to the barn in the dark at night is a spiritual experience-it is 'their' world at that point of the day cycle. I had visceral seconds of feeling the anticipation and sometimes dread of going to check on pregnant ewes or dying goats in the night back west. But Birdie was sitting contently, calmly. Her expression was lighter than the morning. I sat with her and told her it was another beginning. I was back on track. It was still going to be a long haul, but let's get on with it.