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Friday, December 27, 2019

The exact dog that is meant to be here, now, in this time, with me

Very soon, very soon...I think one of the reasons I am so excited to bring Bear home is because it will be a working partner to go forward with our work - he will be trained to go to the elder home with me. Opie will continue on his weekly mission [the residents are already pretty in love with him and his little red Love Mobile]. My plan is to begin short excursions with Bear right away...to desensitize him to wheel chairs and other things.

Losing Birdie at such a crucial time in our non profit's elder work was crushing. I think Bear somehow soothes that. Bear will be able to hop in a car and sit on a bed if needed, something I can't do with a goat or llama. The other animals will remian crucial ambassadors of love, rest assured. Opie and Bear will be the go-to love machines though.

I also think the ressidants will love watching Bear grow, and learn, and mature as their therapy dog. They will get a certain sense of ownership of him.

When I saw this video of him from a couple days ago, I really love the way he steps back, sits and looks right into the video screen. I like to think he is seeing me somehow. The fact he was the only chocolate male in the litter, the fact I was waiting anxiously for his birth and he came out first [I only wanted a chocolate male] all lead me to feel he is meant to be The Dog. At first I thought a post Christmas pup might be more difficult with winter weather, but now I realize the timing could not be better for is training. He will have to go inside the elder home since it is winter, he will be able to sit on laps and beds. if we were outside this would not happen. Also, it is like a culmination of the Christmas spirit that wrapped me this year, the first time in so many years I have truly felt the spirit. Martyn and I partook in so many nice things together this past week, and picking the puppy up will be a giant exclamation point to all of it.

I feel Bear is meant to do what he is about to with me at his side. I suppose that could be my wonderfully active imagination again, but I truly sense this pup is meant to come to me, now, and here.

This exact pup.

Stay tuned.