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Friday, February 25, 2022

Teddy's maiden voyage


It was meant to be. It worked out just as it was meant to. White Dog helped, I know it. But there were other invisible forces going on too. The rescue that had Teddy had been working with him for over a year, making sure they understood what Teddy's true calling was so he would be placed properly in the best situation. He really loved Teddy and after I shared photos of Teddy on his first visit to the elders, he wrote me back and was so at peace with the fact he waited until the right fit came, a fit he would sense and feel was right. I guess several other adopters came along but for whatever reason, he felt they would not be a good fit for Teddy.

We visited our friend Linda on Wednesday and Teddy was great. Linda is our elder friend who is in hospice care and has several medical issues but also went blind several years ago. It really helps her to hold animals, and we spent two hours with her, all the while Teddy stood and was brushed and hugged and loved on. 

Teddy and I are doing great and our routine together is becoming clearer to Teddy and it shows in his demeanor-he seems much less anxious about 'where are you' when I leave the barn to do chores. The routine is becoming consistent for him. Teddy gets to be a dog, Teddy gets to bark in his field in the day if he feels he should, and then Teddy get his own palatial stall to sleep in. I also started bringing White Dog in at night in his final year-there are donkeys and llamas out there and really no need for night time guard since we don't raise animals anymore, and all the goats are up near Marcella.

To be honest, I like this. I like knowing Teddy is safe inside. I have become a wuss, to be honest. It also helps me see how well, or not, he is eating. He is like White Dog, he grazes, or takes days to eat. So I switched foods and that seems to have been a hit, and, wait for it...I've been poaching boneless chicken breasts chucks for him. Gads, I'm getting soft! But he needs to put on weight.

To look out and see him in the snow today, in the storm, it is like white Dog and he were having a brief conversation,

"Teddy, you are doing great, thank you for helping her," White Dog says.

"White Dog, thank you for helping me get here."

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