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Sunday, September 04, 2022

Her Royal Highness arrives

We picked up the elder pig today. With a bit of pig patience, and luck, and 'encouragement' at some point from yours truly, we were able to load Hannah up in the trailer in about 30 minutes. Loading pigs is always problematic and we were all pleased it went as swimmingly as it did.

Her name is Hannah and she is about 12 years old. She and Peso lived side by side for years but her owners have fallen on difficult times and have to sell their property and move. They found us through the help of another farm person who knew about us. It worked out well for all involved.

Hannah is settling in and is living like a queen in the same spot that Rosie The World's Grumpiest But I'm Fine As I Am Pig lived after her arrival from Oregon. Peso does not like her much we are told and so Hannah will be where she can see llamas, which she is used to. I think she will spend her final days resting, and eating, then resting, and eating some more. She needs some weight and her toes have not been kept up. Her owners loved her but were physically limited  due to illness. I was happy that Hanna already lay down for me for a belly rub, and while giving Her Royalty a rub down she had no problem with me touching her feet so I hope to get them trimmed soon.

It's the end of an era for her owners. All their original animals are gone now and they will move when the house sells. I know they are grateful they found us, and that is a wonderful feeling that we could help them, and their elder animals. The alternatives were upsetting, so we saved that heart ache for them.

I just hope pig and donkey can have some years here, for my sake. I'm already fond of them and both are quite elderly, so we have no control on that, but...I'm just asking, "Universe, can they stick around awhile?"