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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Not for man or beast

The rains have not stopped. I did more emergency trenching in the lavender field for 5 hours yesterday. I didn't cry this time, as the rain soaked me I just told each lavender plant to hang in there. I got back to the house and the pump had shut down, no water, no shower, the gutter had snapped outside flooding the basement. Power out this morning. I sat in silence and semi dark and drank coffee - now what do I do? No power, no lite to paint, too wet to work outside, roads washing out all around me including ours, trees falling on the highway from water overload, it's the end of the world as we know it, I thought. The overwhelming power of winter weather. If it isn't rain that'll kill you, it's ice somewhere else.

Power returns. Thank you. Changed my normal routine of NPR all morning and put Dylan on, LOUD.
"Now the road's washed out, weather not fit for man or beast
Now the road's washed out, weather not fit for man or beast
Funny how the things you had the hardest time partin' with are the things you need the least..
...Last night the wind was whispering, I was trying to make out what it was,
I tell myself something's coming but it never does..."

Then I entertained myself for about 20 minutes dancing to Neil singing "Rockin' in the Free World" -LOUDLY- danced, and wore my new Heinz peace sign, and took stupid pictures doing it. Self entertaining. It's a lifestyle. One must dance, even alone. I do it all the time, and yes, I play air guitar too. I pretend I get a letter from Neil Young's family saying he likes my art and sheep and wants to loan me Old Black for one week, and will come up at the end of the week and pick it up himself, and play a few songs out in the field, with all my animals around and select friends and family there, sun, good food, Pinot...
He and I jam on "Powderfinger"...

Happily, the little painting in the last post is off to live in Japan...a long journey, but it will have a very good home, with many