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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Little Ladies

The Brownies descended on our farm on Saturday, politely, complete with very clean rubber boots, carrots and fig newtons.

I officially have categorized it a 'success'. I am not sure who had a better time, Sky or Pino. While little girls ogled over Sky with carrots and corn, another gaggle of girls doted on Pino - while he had a girl on each side brushing him, others gathered dandelions for his halter, and he was stuffed with carrots and fig newtonsI think he had post-Brownie let down the next day. He greeted me at the morning feeding as if to say, 'But, where are all those little girls?"

We started the 2 hour gathering with the ever anticipated 'lamb holding session". I had separated out my two head ewes, always calm Rosemary and Daisy. Their lambs are also very calm, including little Lambie Sarah Pie who is the one lamb I have been holding a lot. Even Rosie's little ram lamb sat patiently from girl to girl. We talked about sheep teeth, sheep hair, sheep feet, and more. All were well behaved, thanks to thorough parent supervision and pre-gathering instructions by the leader and myself.I was also thrilled to be on the receiving end of left over carrots and girl scout cookies. We'll take it anyway we can get it here.

The day gave me new inspirations for my 501C dreams [don't forget to check out the raffle] done with other age - combining such a session, but then having the girls draw their favorite animals. This could be groups and seniors too. I really like the Brownie age group - they actually still have independent minds but still think we old farts are sort of cool and look up to us. While they may swoon over the Shanjayas of the world, they haven't completely lost their sense of self or esteem once thrown into the abyss of romantic notions, clothes, competition, and...dare I say...boys.

So, all of us at the farm want to say, "Thank you, Brownies - you reminded us of the joy of being 10, the joy of eating cookies surrounded by donkeys, sheep and one grateful horse."