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Monday, April 02, 2007

Souls with wings

"For scents that herald spring time, For lilac-haunted nooks. For Violet's purple fragrance, And merry, trickling brooks - For little things that give souls wings - I thank thee..." M.Miller].

In the hustle of getting ready for the show, and lambing, I realized today the fruit tree up the road I always love to see come into bloom each spring has already begun to fade. I spent time this morning visiting with the muscari, for they last such a short time. Everyone's shedding, and to see what forms and bodies are underneath is yet another right of spring. Spring is change. The more we resist change, the more chaos we bring into our lives.

Two little birds came yesterday and sat on a table near the studio. They pecked at a young tree still holding on to some old autumn leaves. I guess the leaves aren't quite ready to let go. As the birds left, one tried to sit on the tiny leaf branch, and it fell to the ground. The worms will eat it now.


Joanne said...

This is a beautiful picture! I have a special tree I always look forward to watching bloom in spring - it's hard to remember thse things when there is so much to do - but it is important to watch the blooming...

Debbie Schramer said...

Hi Katherine,

I received a postcard about your upcoming art show!!! How exciting!
Thank you for sending that to me. Your new work is just incredible. I always am so inspired by your paintings. Hope everything is going wonderfully on your farm and that your show goes fantastically!!
Take care!

Carla Sonheim said...

Beautiful work lately! So wish I could see the show... lambs are just adorable...

Just also wanted to tell you that my lovely "Goldie" sits above my sewing table. Sometimes I find her on the floor in the other room, though... my kitty likes her, too!

Teresa said...

Your lambs photos are great. I am in the process of looking for a farm and I am planning to have sheep and donkeys. I was just thinking about the wonders of spring, but then I stepped outside. COLD. Have a nice Easter weekend.

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