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Friday, May 18, 2007

Lessons of Donkey Ears

I am on to some deep exploration of donkey ears. I don't know why. I just know when I start a new piece, I want to put donkey ears in them. I want to draw what I see looking directly up in the sky, so birds become flat patterns.

The ears of all equines are very special. ever since I was little I was enamored when sitting on a horse and looking at the ears of my steed. They are touchable, yet sensitive. They tell us all sorts of things - before we humans even know. I discovered if you put your ear up to your donkey's ear, you hear the ocean, or the universe, or something bigger than me anyway.

My post will be short today. I have been a lazy blogger. But life is outside right now, and at the wall where the canvas hangs. I am focusing on the August show pieces now, but also feel much exploration in my work. I have heavy thoughts on my mind and in my heart. Perhaps, the donkey ears are telling me to listen carefully to find solutions and comfort in those answers.

Tomorrow I am going to spend all day in the garden and having one-on-one sessions with chosen animal friends. First on the list - little Frankie. She spends a lot of time
now separated from the goats and rams she is pastured with. She is not being pushed around, no one bosses little Frankie around. She is the Aretha Franklin of that pasture. She just seems extra loner-ish.

I also learned that the eyes of a donkey are placed on its head so that it can see all four feet at once. I didn't know this when I woke up this morning, and it reminds me how much can come into one's day if we just seek knowledge.