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Monday, June 04, 2007

Walk with a daisy

We spent time meeting with some Riparian Specialists this morning as we are enrolling in a program that offers incentives and some paybacks for restoration plantings and clearing we do to the land on our parcel by the river. We will be planting about 400 trees, eradicating noxious weeds such as blackberry - all the while helping the river by giving more shade for it's waters. It's a really wonderful little parcel of land and we have thought of all the things we can do with it, but helping the river and water was always our main goal. It's choice soil, but putting animals in it would mean more erosion over time, possible issues with manure runoff into water, and it would mean a lot more fencing and out buildings.We hope to also build a little sitting hut where we can sit on hot nights, fish from, dream in...The daisies are growing there, the grass is above my ears and it felt like a giant fort. Little paintings were all over right in front of me. Take your hands and put them in front of your eyes and create a little square frame - look out from where you are, move your perspective at will, and you will see little abstract pieces all around you. And how can a daisy not make a perfect companion in one's morning.

There's is much happening on the farm and in life right now - I'll soak it all up for now and write later. And painting is the all week agenda.


Tina T-P said...

Katherine - I was really moved by your Memorial Day post - I think we are so removed from war here with our safe homes and full bellies - If the politicians all had to do a month of tower duty in Iraq, I think that the war would end in a hurry.

I love my "Cats & Sheep Working for Peace" bumpersticker - Please keep doing your art and praying for peace - someone will hear you and carry it forward. Regards, Tina

Linda O'Neill said...

That is a beatiful photo, Katherine. It's sweet and lovely...but dark and mysterious at the same time. You took a basic subject and really made it sing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with both these gals. I love reading your site. :)

coloredsock said...

yo shepherd girl, i felt like i was walking with you in the tall grass by the river. it's fun to walk there in your words and see where your inspiration flows. painting is on my agenda this week, too. let's go, let's go...be

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