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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Inspired by 1.5# creature

My days are filled with listening to the muse. If you've been following along of late, you know a teeny creature entered my world, by sheer coincidence- or by the magical hands of her guides, or mine- and her mere presence inspired me to create a felted finger puppet.

While I didn't mimic her markings perfectly, I did capture one of her many Itty Bitty looks. She is still getting her voice, and is not quite ready to meet the other puppets. But she will.


Sharon Stanley said...

i like her. and the fact that she is a little finger puppet...brilliant.

Cathy said...

Oh, lovely! You captured her sweet fierceness. (I say this having never met her, of course. But it's so clear from her intense gaze and tortie face!)

Marianne said...

Hi there!
Your puppet is the spitting image of the wee one. I seem to be missing the side of my brain that controls creativity. Your book garnered rave reviews. I'd like to see if it will help a bird brain such as myself. Could I arrange to buy one from you where you wouldn't have to ship it? If not, I'll order it from your site.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Thx, Sharon, now we just wait to hear her speak. Cathy, she is very independant, not afraid, mischievious but not naughty [so far] and she loves Martyn! Marianne, wwell, you do have sheep, so it might qualify for the home delivery. Email me.

Delisa said...

Hi Katherine:
What a sweet puppet and I looking forward to hearing her voice; when she has grown up a bit of course. I have so been enjoying your book, I have read it through and keep it by my bedside and often look at the pictures as I drift off to sleep. I was telling my mother-in-law about it today. She would love to paint and express herself creatively but feels stifled and a bit afraid to start, worried more about the finished product than knowing how to enjoy the process. She has worked hard all of her life, put everyone first and now has some time to find her own voice for the first time. I think the exercises in your book are wonderful. I am going to order her a copy as a gift.
Have a wonderful evening and pet the little Itty Bitty with the big wide eyes for me, and tell her that there are people who love her out here in the big wide world.
Delisa :)

Kate on Clinton said...

LOVE this! I want a whole army, gaggle, herd of them!

Mindy Lacefield said...

i just wanted to stop by your blog and say that i purchased your book a couple of weeks ago and am totally blown away by the textures and inspiration you have from your animals. its so endearing!

i love the kitty puppet. what a sweet little muse.

your art just delights my eyes and senses...!!


Debbie Schramer said...

oh my gosh, this is the cutest little person i've ever seen, katherine.....i wish i could buy him; he is adorable, absolutely precious.


Debbie Schramer said...

oh my gosh, this is the cutest little person i've ever seen, katherine.....i wish i could buy him; he is adorable, absolutely precious.


Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Sweet Itty Bitty Etta... so tiny and yet so much to give.

Emma Meijer said...

I really like Itty Bitty Etta. She is a very cute cat. I can't wait to see her in a puppet show. Sincerely Emma.

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