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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pussywillow returns

Each Spring we wait for them from a distance, hoping Stella and Iris in their older age will not destroy all the buds. For within the bud is held a fuzz so soft, it is like a stem of tiny bunnies to rub on one's face over and over.

[This piece now available at the Etsy shop.]


Carole said...

Do you remember making pussy willow art in elementary school? Drawing lines and then sticking cotton puffs on the lines.........
This weekend at my blog you'll find links to other artists participating my the drawing challenge: willow. I'm hoping there will be lots of pussy willows (maybe some cotton puffs!).

Katherine Dunn said...

Gosh I don't think we ever did that but sounds fun and I love your challenge. The show is starting to wear me down bit so this piece sort of calmed me. Your challenge looks fun and I checked out some of them - nice!

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