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Friday, October 03, 2014

What are we all assuming?

I was thinking about people's perceptions of other people's lives, how we often get it wrong. We make assumptions based on our own past experiences, or prejudices. For example, there are some people that think because I have a horse and can take time to ride a couple times a week, that I must have ample resources. Not true. But I make the time to ride because it helps me in so many ways-both physically and emotionally. I have the beginnings of arthritis and movement is very important for me. Spiritually, I get some of my calmest thinking done on my horse. When I'm on Boone, especially when I'm alone with him, I feel almost whole, like no wounds I have given myself are there, or that they will heal. Any fear I have about anything seems to subside for a time-it is like his back becomes a boundary for all that can suck the good out of me. It is the closest thing I can think of to having unconditional love of self, when I ride.

We're not poor, today, but we have been. We're not rich either, monetarily. Sometimes i feel like my life is held up by one worn piece of hay twine. I've had many lean days, but fortunately, Martyn and I love simple things-sitting around and enjoying our own company, working on the farm, building things, cooking and eating in. We are homebodies. It's funny how we decide things about other people-I'm no different. Maybe I meet someone and make all sorts of assumptions-oh she must be happy because she has a new book deal [turns out she wasn't]; that one over there must be doing pretty well, they bought a new Lexus [nope, it was leased and he just filed for divorce and lost his job]; I must have a trust fund to have bought this place and be a full time artist and raise animals [no, never had a trust fund, nor did Martyn, we both have excellent credit from hard work and good skills and we made some good decisions along the way to allow us to buy 22 acres in our mid forties].

So next time you see a middle aged self employed artist enjoying a ride her horse, don't jump to conclusions. She might be taking a 2 hour ride on a fall day, but she also might have worked until 9 pm the night before and will be working when you are out for a casual espresso. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


femminismo said...

Thank you for reminding me of the important things.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Always something to be said for hard work. Riding Boone as a meditation and feeling whole. I feel that way about walking with my dogs and watching them run and being in nature. I guess we all assume but I remember the phrase assume makes an "ass out of u and me". xox

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

And it's so easy to assume, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

So easy to assume. Hope Victor is doing okay and what he needs to. xox

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