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Friday, March 27, 2015

Sophie's content morning

I had noticed the fog had begun swooping over the valley after we awoke to a beautiful, sunny morning. It often happens and I suspect by afternoon it will be sunny again. It is beautiful and always catches me in the throat as much as the heart,

"Have to get my camera," I thought.

I was returning from a few minutes of photo play and saw a white mop in the barnyard, perfect positioned against her barn of red. It is a spot she is often in, but today she seemed to pose for me. I didn't have my favorite lens on, darn it, but still, caught her. A photo to look at now, and years to come, and remember,

"That was Sophie."

{You can make a monthly sponsorship to help me with the many Misfits-the special needs animals who come to spend their elder years here, no matter how long they have}


Kerry O'Gorman said...

Lovely mop! By the way, i'm enjoying the book of misfits so much. I have to pace myself though since I'm emotionally fragile after the loss of our beloved Griffin. Your prose is very evocative. Thanks.

Katherine Dunn said...

I'm hoping Griffin's memories will soften soon, or in time I should say. I know with Louie Louie it took a long time...

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