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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

There's a solution to every problem

I am focusing as much as I can on getting new pieces painted - once the closing happens on this property....my head and heart will be full speed ahead to Maine, as will Martyn's.

So, amidst the million phone calls and emails going back and forth between here and Maine about buying, securing loans [dreadful process], and things with the closing here, I have somehow managed to paint. I force myself to go to my painting desk and start. Then it usually comes forth, whatever prayer I need. The other day I guess I needed white tulips-a nice contradiction I think to dealing with the loan process. I still have wings on the mind, wings of different colors and capable of landing in different parts of the world...or perhaps even to other realms.

I also take time each day to talk to the animals. each day it seems one or another individuals need me, or I them, more than the others. White Dog has helped me, it is almost like he looks at me now with,

I told you it would be okay.

It is okay, despite some surprises in the selling process that are evening out and upheavals in other areas that all have solutions.  One of the mottos I carry with me-and have for many years- is there is a solution to every problem. Sometimes the solution isn't clear, or is a bit of a different direction, a step outside a comfort zone-but that is what personal expansion is all about.

Apifera is fine. The Maine Apifera is waiting-I communicate with her daily too, in dreams, through ideas that pop into my head for her, and in split second images of all of us there. Martyn and I talk about the types of plants that will grow well there and what we will do in our woods. I found out that there is an old Quaker cemetery on the edges of the property. I am ecstatic about that. The agent suggested I join the local historical society to learn more about it. I was thinking maybe I could help steward it, if possible. You know how I feel about cemeteries, right? This is someone -me-who spent her first two days in Paris at Pierre La Chaise.