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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Respect the dream currents

People ask me how I could leave this place. It is an evolution when you live anywhere, even places you love. I did not plan it, but I didn't plan my birth either. A full circle has been made, I feel, with the new buyers. When I heard that they will name the farm a Norwegian word that symbolizes "the tree of life" and they will plant a tree to commemorate that, I felt so good, calm and satisfied, and proud, like we were passing the torch onto the next steward–the right steward.

So knowing a good buyer that cares about this place is taking over makes it easier to say good bye. I think the leaving day will be emotional, but we've asked the new buyers to be here, so as I look out my rear view window, I know the farm is in their care, and it is meant to be. We are meant to continue the next step of our dream together, in Maine where Apifera will grow new root stock and shed some old branches too.

Dreams are fluid, like an ocean wave, if you try to hold them back you might suffer and you have to respect their under currents too.

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wes said...

Hi Katherine. We're ready and excited to be in the line of succession. love to you all (the donks are going to be fine)

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