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Monday, June 13, 2016

Interrupting your news feed for peace

The view from my new studio window, my peace spot

Many people on social media are swept up into the angst of the shooting in Orlando. It is of course a serious, heartbreaking situation that deserves careful thought, and maybe in another Congress's lifetime, action. I heard one blogger, who for the record I have little enthusiasm or respect for, state that what bothered her more than the issues of gun laws and shootings, were the people who were not talking about it online. She inferred they were the scary ones. I thought this a very poorly thought out statement, and perhaps the motive was to gather a response from her readers.

You don't have to talk about it online, or with others, at this moment, to be caring, or concerned. In fact, I think reflection inward before speaking is a skill in and of itself, one that many are not taught, or were never taught. That instant feeling of hitting a comment post button to strangers seems mightier than the internal wisdom that percolates when we settle down, breathe, and think on our own first. I have also see a few thoughtful conversations about it -perhaps that is in the minority-but I saw that too.

I'm not perfect at it always standing back. But, I am blessed to recognize, for me and my makeup, the importance of returning, always, to Nature–the importance not only to my health, but to my ability to try to learn something in the face of a tragedy, one that has opened so many wounds on many levels.

My week has been free of such trauma. In times like these, I just seek the light of the creatures, try out the old oven for that first pie in Maine, and while I'm thinking of the hurt families and loved ones I do feel pain. But perhaps while bathing in the light around the donkeys, it is a safe place to learn something. Maybe there is something in that silence I can share somewhere that might soothe one tired heart. I don't know.

Piglets in a row, a llama smiles, a moment of smiles in the heat of the world

The first pie is baked at Apifera's new home

Cornelia the big sister makes me happy

My first raggedy creation-a fence for sunflower birthing

The light of the donkeys and Boone-can I share that somehow in art?