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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Getting to know M'Lady Apple and other newness

M'Lady Apple is by far one of the most striking creatures on our new farm. She is old but holds the grace of wisdom in her curved trunk and arms. I went out and explored the ground around her and decided I will create a healing perch near her trunk. There is a huge slab of granite, I believe, that is the perfect resting spot. It sits under M'Lady's arms and one can look out at  the fields where the sheep and equines will be.

Did you catch that? I said the word...sheep.

I bought three ewes from a close by farm. She had nice stock and we will pick them up Thursday. I can't wait. Just being with those sheep made me enormously happy, content and grounded in a way I haven't been since arriving. I have been without sheep for 2 months and four days and I wanted to give myself a teeny bit of time to reflect before jumping into sheep. I thought 'teeny" bit of time would be a year. Oh the tricks we play on ourselves. I asked myself,

Am I wanting sheep because I miss them, want them, need them, or because it was what I was used to and I need time to be without them to adjust.

In time, I realized I was actually very sad without my old flock, or without my role as shepherdess. I underestimated how much it was ingrained in me, how much I learned about sheep over the years and how much more I can learn. I like animal husbandry. And I find them graceful and beautiful. The three ewes I'm starting with were exposed to a ram so if they are bred we will have lambs in September, something I'm not used too. But I decided if we had fall lambs this year, fine, we won't breed until next fall. But if we don't have fall lambs, I will find a ram for breeding this fall.

I am finding many things very different here. The hay selection is almost zip [so feel free to help with our Misfit hay fund!}. I had heard that, knew it, and now it is the reality. Many buy Canadian at some point in the year. I am having a mobile vet coming out just to meet her and have heard good things about her. But the vet selection is also nothing of what I had in Oregon-for farm animals anyway. I am grateful I have 12 years under my belt with sheep and Misfits and do most of my own vetting....but it is rather sobering.

And I brought home 5 Buff Orpington feathered out pullets and one mixed rooster. Because, a day without chickens is not as happy as a day with chickens. Overload of chicken pictures to come. Chicken underpants included!

Basically, I am rebuilding myself. I am feeling good and very excited about some plans I have for Apifera-which I'll share as they develop.