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Saturday, October 29, 2016

5 days left to help this book...no funding, no book

{Love and appreciation to all of you reading this who have supported my book "Itty Bitty & Big Etta" which is entering the final days to get funding!! THANK YOU!  Visit the movie and fund page.}

This is my third self published book where I've used Kickstarter-which means people pledge amounts at a preferred reward level, but if I don't reach my funding goal [which can not be changed] then I don't get one cent, and the pledgers are not charged, nor does Kickstarter make any money.

Raising funds this way is hard work. Each time is a roller coaster. And each time I have to reach out, repeatedly, to my followers and ask for money. It's not all that comfortable for me to do, nor is it easy for any artist I know. It is not a matter of sending out one or two emails, it takes a lot of them-and I'm happy to say I've only lost one email subscriber to it...so far.

But, I have worked hard and with all my heart on this book, and the art,  and am proud of it. I know other people are too. I think it shares a simple but profound lesson-let others be who they have to be, even if it isn't what you want, even if the consequences might hurt you, they need to be themselves to be happy.

There are over 100 supporters of the book so far, but we need more. Time is running out and if the goal is not reached by Wednesday afternoon, there will be no birthing.

I so appreciate the pledgers who have upped their amount-that is so gracious, thank you! And many are really sharing and writing eloquent statements as to why they support this project. That means the world to me-to feel like people appreciate the work I've been doing all these years as an artist and writer. We writers/artists online give away a lot of work and heart everyday. It's part of social media now, it's part of marketing. But I see that changing–I think many of us are worn out, and are seeing less return for all our efforts, not only financially but with results that make giving away free work worth it such as book sales, art being sold, events being attended, and Kickstarters coming to a happy fruition. None of us who truly HAVE to paint or write for our souls do it for the money, but we do need to make a living, fairly, just like a doctor, lawyer or magazine. Kickstarter allows many of us indie authors and artists to create worthy projects that would go unmade without support.

  • Share on social media, tell why you love the book, don't just post a link.
  • Send a message to famous Facebookers, what is there to lose? Or people with high traffic.
  • Pick one person you know who loves cats, or who is living life as their 'ownself' and share the link http://kck.st/2dBkAFF

I do not have anything up my sleeve. I do not have the ability to pay for this book on my own to be published. And I am not interested in producing it by print-on-demand. I have published all my books with an offset printer so I can choose paper stock, have quality hard covers, and have interior end sheets that are illustrated. I have never felt let down by the printer I work with, and I like working directly with a printer that I can talk to. And, the cost per book is so much lower this way, I would hardly make a dime the other way...and I have looked at hose options, and have been contacted by several POD companies and they can't compare tot he prices [the down side, if you call it that, is I have to do a higher print run].

So, that's it. I have until Wednesday afternoon East coast time [so West coast supporters, don't wait until Wednesday]. If you haven't seen the animated movie to promote the book, please watch it, even if you don't pledge. I just love the video [that Angela Kassube made for me]. And of course you get to hear my use playing!