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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Conversation with the grumpy pig: is Rosie blossoming?

As some of you already know, The-World's-Grumpiest-But_I-AM-FIne-the-Way-I-Am-Pig, aka Rosie came to us many years ago when I was at that time piglets-a state to be in I will tell you.  I really wanted a pig and began a search for one to adopt. That's how I discovered Sanctuary One, and they happened to have a pig, a grumpy pig they told me...but she came with her own goat...a very crippled goat. I had many goats-old and crippled-so asked if i could just adopt the pig. "No, she has to go with that goat, it's her only friend."

The rest is Apifera history. Stevie-and are we ever glad he came to Apifera-was the only animal that would tolerate Rosie's grumpiness, and for the first year or so, Rosie slept only near Stevie. But like often happen when animals get more confidence in a new environment, Rosie began to sleep on her own, and eventually, she had her very own suite in Old Barn, which was just fine with her, it seems. I tried to get her to come outside again, but she stayed in that barn for a couple years, content with animals nearby, but not in her private bedroom chamber. But then we moved to Maine, and Rosie came with us in a private suite made of wood that Martyn made for her, which fit securely in the truck bed, away from any other animals. Upon arriving, we once again made sure Rosie had her own suite, except eventually I had to put some young chickens in with her. She was not pleased, and the suite was rather dank, so I made a new one in the new barn we built. Anything for Rosie. And Rosie seemed very happy, and her skin cleared up and in the past weeks, low and behold, she has decided to come outside again. In fact, she has come out every morning to greet me, just like she used to many, many years ago. 

And now, one of the piglets, a barrow [castrated male] seems to be interested in her...for her food, for fun, or for friendship? Who knows, but he visits her at the gate. Rosie is still on her own, but sleeps next tot he sheep and is very much part of the barnyard, but has her own suite and turnout. Could it be, Rosie is blossoming?

"Rosie! Are we outside today?" I asked as I found the pig at the gate, outside of her stall.

"Hrumpf um aha!" she said, not quite as grumpy as usual.

"It's a beautiful autumn day, Rosie!" I replied.

"Humrrumph!" she agreed.

Wait, she agreed?

And so, we have begun to wonder...could it be all those universal forces and guides I felt pulling us East to Maine was all for the sake of...a grumpy pig? Then again, why wouldn't Rosie have her own guides at work?

Will she make a friend, again? Perhaps Stevie is also guiding her.

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