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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Another conversation with a chicken

Hazel the Wanderer arrived at Apifera last week after being picked up wandering on the road by a  good samaritan. After settling in a couple of days, she laid her first egg for us.

"Hazel, an EGGGGG! You laid an egg! AN EGG!" I said upon entering the barn this morning.

"Good grief, have you never seen an egg?" Hazel said.

"Well, of course, I am just thrilled you gifted us one," I told her.

"Gifted? They pop out no matter what, I have no say about it," the chicken said.

"Well, eggs are nature's perfect food, already in a handy carrying package of shell. You can bake 'em, eat em and give them to the pigs too. Thank you again, Hazel," I said as I left to do more chores.

Hazel wandered out to The Goose and Henneth the blind chicken.

"Is she always this excitable about eggs?" she asked.

"Oh yes, I can attest to this, she screamed so loud on my first egg I nearly had a heart attack," Henneth said.

Just then Opie ran by, and Ollie.

"And those two?" Hazel asked. "Are they always so happy?"

The Goose and Henneth nodded in a yes and the three returned to their morning pecking for bugs.