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Thursday, December 10, 2020

There's a new Officer in town

This is a four part story.

Part One
My contact from the shelter was here dropping off a very old cat [Hermann who passed very soon after] and she knows all our cats since they are all from her shelter. She knew how much Mister Mosely met to me, and at this time, Mosely was in his final days or weeks but I still had hope it would be longer. I told her to keep in mind instantly if a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest kitten or cat same in no matter the age. She pulled out her phone. She had just taken a bunch of kittens to her home to foster them. She fosters many, many animals. And there on her screeen, was a mini Mister Mosely, same coloring. He and a litter mate were part of a big rescue they did. The person was an animal lover who had helped many cats over the years, but, as can happen, things got out of balance, and there was breeding going on out of control, poor conditions, etc. She tried to fix it, but eventually she needed help and many of the large quantity of cats were taken to the shelter, including the two little Maine Coons. I told her I seriously might want the mini Mister Mosely. And then I put it out of my head, because I had to care for Mose and enjoy each second with him. I figured the universe would orchestrate the next cat.
Part Two
Mister Mosely did die, as you know. I was crushed, just so sad. That night, my shelter contact sent me a picture, of the little black Maine Coon, hoping it might cheer me up a little. My first thought was, 'stinkin' cute' my next thought was 'where's the mini Mosely?' I told her I was interested and asked about mini Mose and she told me he was gone, or something. I took it to mean he was spoken for. I figured maybe it was better to have one that looked different and opend my heart to the black/white kitten, and went and met him.
Part Three
My first encounter, he pushed his little head into mine. He was so tiny, and he had been through a lot already. he was loaded with various worms and due to the situation he was living in ...well it was very hard on his tiny body. But my contact care took him and he began to perk up, and become less scared and shy. She did wonders for socializing him too. I again asked about the other Maine Coon kitten, the mini Mose-he had died. His little body just couldn't take the stress of the worm load and other variables. Hearing that almost felt like losing Mose again. So that was one reason I was so cautious about his surgery last week for neutering.
Part Four
I truly believe that Mister Mosely was part of this. If I had not acted quickly to go see that kitten, he would have been gone. If I had gone a week earlier, I would have picked the mini Mose and been heartbroken when he/she died. I have never known a kitten to be this personable., at such a young age. I know I'm acting like a kid who just got her first pony under the Christmas tree, but that is what he feels like to me...a special gift.
And today, some five days after arrival 
He settled in so fast. he is alert, active, mischievous, busy, but also so loving. He began sleeping amongst us right away. He comes to me when I come in. he eats like a draft horse. He's gained 1/2 a pound. And he now has a name. Officer Mittens. As Officer Mittens he will undoubtedly be handing out a few citations around here. And eating doughnuts with his coffee.



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Unknown said...

How precious is Officer Mittens!(and he has the face of an old soul...). Thanks for sharing his story!

--Jean Marie

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