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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Animals," they say

I've added a new section to the store site where I will put original animal portraits , such as this new piece "Old Cat Waiting for the Pumpkins to Turn".

I hope to be prolific, but be patient. I only have two hands, and until I learn to paint with my feet, or mouth, I will do my best. It seems I am just not painting fast enough for the animal lovers out there. I am glad so many people are moved by these - the love I have for the subjects seems to be transferred to the viewers, even online, so that is rewarding.


Amy Cameron Evans said...

prolific but patient...you're a better woman than i. patience is definitely not one of my strong suits.

these animal paintings are really wonderful, and i am glad to know that other folks agree.

still loving my olive...

Anonymous said...

I love this piece! The colors are magnificent. Everything about it is perfect. Your art just keeps getting more and more wonderful. xo

Pam Aries said...

OHhh! I love the very Autmun feel on this painting! Annnddd... Today I picked up the newest copy of Home Companion...AND there in the middle was a little article about YOUR art and I jumped up and down!!!Yay! for Apifera Farm!

coloredsock said...

i love this piece. so sweet and 'odd' (in the best way). i love the red tree trunk and the look on the old cat's face. looks like oso when he's staring off into space while he's waiting for us to take him for a w-a-l-k, and although he looks like he's daydreaming, he's actually just daydreaming about the exact moment we'll announce to him we're going. hee. keep it up Shepherdgirl. nice one! xojenny

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