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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Greet your doorman

When I lived in NYC way before ipods and terrorist threat levels, I lived on the Upper West Side for a couple years and each morning I would walk to my office building on 57th St., winding through the Park and down Fifth Avenue. It took about 45 minutes and was a wonderful morning routine, topped off with a cheese danish at the corner deli...ah the glories of youth, eating cheese danish and never gaining weight. The same elderly door man in the same red top coat greeted me every morning with "Good morning, dear, you look good today, " said in a warmly optimistic way that made me feel good.

Twenty some years later, I put on my office attire of rubber boots and fingerless gloves, greet the sunflowers followed by whatever cats are in my path. I am now the consistently present doorman for the chickens, giving them a routine that is important to all beings. Opening up the back door of the chicken coop, I greet them every day with, "Morning troops!", as they pile out in orderly fashion, usually in a tidy row. They have much to do, and get right to business. No dawdling at the water cooler.

On a sunny autumn day like today, the compost pile full of squash is emitting heat in fogged breath, and I'm aware of the gentle shadows that follow me...donkeys lurking. If you sit still, they always come over. I continue my doorman duties and greet the ewes, letting them out for their daily work, followed by greeting and feeding all cats...and of course, Mr. Boone stands behind his own Mr. Ed like door, nickering lowly. Together, we are sort of co-doormen for each other. I tell him it's a good day, and his muzzle against my chin responds, 'Yes, always can be..."

That doorman in NYC, I suppose he has passed on...I forget his name, but I remember when I walked in the building, I felt welcomed, and it was a crucial part of my morning routine. He served many people this way. No job is too little. Even when you're greeting hurried office workers, or chickens and sheep.


Paige said...

A nice post on the hope for a good day - each day; and an excellent 'good morning' routine.

Anonymous said...

Routine can be a wonderful thing--stress is absent from all those unexpected interruptions of a more spontaneous lifestyle; and some of us need order in the exterior part of ourselves so the inner part can let loose. Thank you, Madame Doorwoman, for letting us loose!

Cathy said...

Ah, the chicken processional is lovely - what a nice way to start a day!

We still have some friendly, welcoming doormen here on the UWS. And the only thing I miss about my old job in the east 60s is the morning ramble across Central Park.

Tina T-P said...

What a lovely story! Wonder how many people think of the doorman fondly and remember the times he brightened their day. That's a good kind of person to be :-) T.

Amy Cameron Evans said...

Good morning from Mississippi! Lovely post, Miss Katherine. How fortunate you are to be in the country with all of those sweet animals every morning. And how fortunate they are to have you! Kisses to Pino xoxo

Amy Cameron Evans said...

PS: loooooove the donkey shadows!

Sandra Monat said...

your post made me smile - so touching and oh yes you are so right. Every morning I greet the cats and it makes me feel good when their tail goes up, responding to greet me :)

Anonymous said...

love this post

Anonymous said...

I love this post too.
Congratulations for your blog.

Bronwyn said...

I love the photo of the hens walking down the 'ramp'.

I think it would make a good reference photo for a painting.

(so do you have a larger version of it available?) :-)

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