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Thursday, February 21, 2008

First Sun

I took advantage of the sun and warm air to let the four new lambs out in their first sun. Vitamin D works wonders, for all of us. It's an ordeal getting them to the orchard, but the ewes do well to get some sun too. The lambies pretty much stumble around, sleep, get up, quick nip from the mom bottle, stumble, sleep...then do it all over again. Their little ears are still wacky at this stage. I'm hoping I can find a home for this white boy, he's got knees on him that says he's going to be a big guy.

Thanks to all for the get well wishes. I'm better, but not 100%. I did break the fever though, and that alone makes me feel like a million clams. Yesterday I napped, watched a french film, and napped. Tortured myself by watching the Oprah show which was so stupid, I turned it off and napped again.


Michelle said...

Just repeat to self 100+ times daily " I am not a shlumpadinka, I am comfortable with my own CASUAL style" and turn off tv, and throw away fashion magazines..get well!

......Thimblefolk.......Barb McNamara said...

I love your blog.......made me smile. I hope you feel better soon.


p.s. I turned Oprah off, too !!!

Debbie said...

Katherine, Glad you are feeling better. The babes look adorable.

Abby Creek Art said...

So glad you're feeling better, Katherine. Thanks for the beautifully sweet photos. Any time there's a donkey in the picture...it makes my day!:)

Strawberry Lane said...

Absolutely adorable photographs! Thanks ... such a "feel good"!

Alisa in Los Angeles said...

your blog makes me smile too. I love the lambs, they are so adorable. I want lambs, chickens and a donkey or two. Maybe some day...in France. Feel better.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

So glad your feeling better!

The photos are so cute!

Came by to tell you that Montessori by hand is having a contest to name another apron pattern that she is making. You win a Apron book if she picks that name for her apron. I think she will be having testers also.
If the link doesn't work in comments. You can type in the addy or go to my blog and scroll down and find it on my list. If you type in the addy you probaby just type in until .com and you'll find the new apron on her blog. I don't know if you checked out her really cute reversable apron. She has a pattern out for that now.


Have a Blessed Year!!!

salmonpoetry said...

we are all so lucky to be having sun these days!

i feel like those lambs, wanting to roll over and sleep, stumbling around, sleep again, but i can't seem to find that mom that's supposed to feed and care for me, oh i guess that is myself...i am STILL sick believe it or not. i hope your flu is fully past and the fever does not return (i have been 13 days with a fever but this morning i think it has broken.)
we are really looking forward to meeting all those wonderful beasts out there on Pino's Pie day this summer.

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