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Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Did she say 'blackberries?'"

I will paint this morning and into the afternoon, but then I will take a break and gather the donkeys in the field. "Line up, quality control will now begin!"
Pino tests one berry for ripeness, then Lucia gives her opinion on tartness, and finally Paco rates texture. I follow up with overall sensuality of the berry.

Last year I gathered so many berries I made blackberry breads and cobblers through July. You know the berries are entering into their ripe stage when all the animals
come to the barn at night with red juice stained noses. The white headed Boer goats are the funniest, as they will climb up into the bramble, and end up with purple spots all over their bodies.

Feeding a blackberry to Pino is one of my many farm delights this month. He takes the berry, tucks it in his mouth, takes a tiny 'suck', then s...l...o...w..l..y chews, very carefully, very deliberately.He moves not one muscle of his body, but focuses solely on that one berry in his mouth. Would we all focus on each bite, how the world would slow a bit, how we would all take notice of so many more subtle nuances of nature's bounty.

The bounties of the vegetable garden are coming full force now. We are very fortunate to have space to grow food. Next week, our lamb meat will be ready for pickup. We increased our hanging weights [this is the weight of the actual carcass by 5-10 pounds this year. I'm so proud of our boys. And Mr. T, as his genes helped too. It will feed us through the year.. We will be eating our own land, so to speak.


Terre Busse said...

I love that photo of the donkeys! I sure wish we could fit one in our backyard.
I would love to taste the blackberry pie from Pino. I bet it is great!

Sandra Monat said...

there´s so much to learn from that clever Pino! x, F!

farmlady said...

I just love the discription of Pino eating his blackberry. I can just see him doing this. Also, the photo of the donkeys is wonderful. I want a donkey so badly I can taste it..., kind of like Pino with a berry in his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Being a donkey lover I truly love to hop by to fill that little spot in my heart that is missing. I had to change my life after an accident while riding. I grew up in the city but had a barn very near to my home. I so miss just being with my critters like, Max, my Spanish Mustang, Billy our goat, our mini horses, donkeys, chickens and all my farm friends..

Could I have permission to post a few photos from your blog? With of course a link to your sight.


Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Thanks for writing everyone! It's hard not to respond to those faces, isn't it...We think Obama should forget the dog and get his kids a mini donk. And Karla, you may post some pics - with a link or mention, and thank you for asking permission. And I'm sorry about you little fish.

Amy Cameron Evans said...

i love them so! i secretly wish, though, that they had some blackberry lipstick on for their photo shoot. sure do wish i could help you bake in that sunny kitchen of yours...

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