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Monday, April 12, 2010

Coco graces us with a visit

Into every one's world a day should come when you can sit and enjoy....Coco.

Coco first came to Apifera last year on Pie Day. I wrote about how I considered stealing her, whisking her off to the barn or hen house out of sight of her mother, so I could keep her. Coco Fever can hit a person hard, but fortunately I had pie and water at hand, and was able to ground myself. Besides, her mother is much too wonderful, and Coco and her are meant to be together.

But I was so delighted when she wanted to come to Apifera for her 2nd birthday. Now, pie is the normal celebratory fare here, as you must know by now. But I discussed it with Pino, and he agreed that cupcakes were most appropriate for this party. So Coco's mom brought cupcakes of chocolate cake and white frosting, and my cupcakes were white cake with fudge frosting. This was not planned, but I took as one more indication that fairies do live at Apifera and also reside in the kitchen.

Pino stood waiting with painted toenails and baloons, and the cameras were flashing as Coco emerged from the car. She met each and every animal, including her namesake, Coco the lamb. Guinnias the old goat also had a nice time, since everything was on eye level. Coco's attire also left much for me to covet- the red jacket was to die for.

Coco, I can't wait to see you again.

You can see more pictures of Coco at Donkey Dreams.


Sharon said...

oh my goodness what a precious little muff! I would steal her too...what a cutie...she just....fits at apifera! does pino like her?

Annie Pazoo said...

Dear Katherine- found you and your blog via Summer Pierre's post today. What serendipity! You turned my foul mood (from having to slog through an online 20-page application for a summer job; seemed like overkill to me and mad me mad) into one of delight. Off to search for fairies and to pet my cats. Too bad I don't have a donkey nearby, but maybe the neighbor's chickens will wander into my yard instead.

Karen Deborah said...

the little minature donkey is quite a cutie but that little girl is a heart stopper! What a dolly and luv her garden boots!

Ima Weed said...

Looks like everyone had a fun time. Those little lady bug boots are too cute.

Anonymous said...

She is a cutie and Pino's toenails are awesome! Quite the royal welcome.

Apifera Farm said...

Thanks for writing everyone, and nice to meet you Annie- I'm glad we could divert you for a spell.

coloredsock said...

Doesn't get much cuter than Miss Coco!! (unless she's your own) i cant wait to bring Miss Tulsi Lou out to your farm! But then of course shell want a mini donkey...and you know well get her one if she asks...

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