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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hey, hey we're monkeys

If there was a contest at Apifera to name the 'biggest monkey of the farm", it would go hands down to Iris. Coming in second would be her counterpart Stella. Thanks to them, we have been honored to watch a million different ways for an electric fence to be climbed without pain, or if there was pain involved, you wouldn't know. Hey, you try it. Young trees have fallen due to their sharp teeth, and perhaps over one million daisies have been devoured even though the sign says, "Iris, please don't eat the daisies" {Iris can read, she knows exactly what she's doing when she eats those daisies.}

Of all the animals on Apifera, Iris still has that face that suggests the minute you turn around, she will be in your favorite lawn chair, sipping tea and eating your favorite perennial, or something she has retrieved from the refrigerator while Stella keeps guard. Perhaps the only other twosome I can think of that can surpass them in capers is Lucy and Viv. These two lady goats are close to seven now, their capers have somewhat settled to about one a month. In some ways, it saddens me; all those episodes brought great laughs over wine with the dirt farmer- hours after I was yelling "Stella! Iris" like I was trying out for a remake of Streetcar. {I think I've used that before, but it bears repeating}.

So, with all the commotion over Cracker Jack, and Muddy, and lambs and chicken underpants, I felt I needed to remind you, and myself, of the beautiful monkeys of Apifera, Stella and Iris.