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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pino flies on chickens and other stuff

I always admire how calm every creature remains when a big event is coming up, like Pie Day or the Workshop. The Dirt Farmer is the same way, calm oh calm, no reason t scurry around and clean and fuss and prep - no, it all gets done...somehow.

Um, I'm the somehow...that would be me scurrying around and prepping.

So I told Pino,

"Look, my little sage, you must promise to be here in the morning on Saturday, and not late from one of your early pre-dawn rides with Jane." 

Jane is a hen. They often fly off together to dream and scout new shrubs they might like to nap near.

I meanwhile am all excited for the arriving Workshop people on Saturday and Sunday. It appears to be an eclectic group, just the way we like it in our barnyard of misfits. My task today is simple: bring the pumpkins in so they can commune with us while we eat lunch. Okay, there are other things to do, but hoisting those pumpkins over Boone's fence will take some doin'.

I shall not write until next week after the Workshop magic has been blown off my skin. I never shower immediately after an event, I like to maintain the Payne's Gray dusty glow for at least a day.


Ellen Bateman Bulterman said...

Wishing you beautiful weather, much success and a lot of fun with the workshops. It sounds like a wonderfully creative way to spend the weekend!

Delisa said...

Hi Katherine, I know you will all have a lovely and inspiring time tomorrow! How I wish I could be there and I am looking forward to hearing all about it later next week. Be careful hoisting those pumpkins and don't over-do, remember everyone is coming to see you! (Something I have to constantly remind myself of every time I have people over, as I am busily and blindingly over-doing and hurting my back!) haha. I'm sure Pino will be back in plenty of time from his adventures because he is a very considerate little donkey. Have a great time, wishing you lots of raggedy pie, joy and creative energy! Delisa :)

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