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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Head Troll crossing guard

The Head Troll is of course in charge of rules and regulations in the barnyard - and with the temporary lambie playground invading her space, she of course put herself in charge of all playground activities. As you might already know, she takes her position very seriously.

"They don't have name tags, they need name tags," she said in frustration as she rushed one small lamb out of the duck puddle.

I rolled my eyes out of her sight.

"And they need helmets! Get me some helmets!" she ordered as she ran to the barn looking for rope. I have no idea what the rope was for, and I decided not to ask.


denise f said...

I dearly love the Head Troll. I've several trolls in my life and find yours a delight....

Debra said...

She is perfect for the job.

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