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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lambie playground now open

We finally have had some sun, a bit chilly, but sun. The regular lambie area is still a bit soaked, so with permission from the Head Troll I have relocated the lambie play ground to the barnyard. This provides my little charges with lots of rocks to leap off of, ducks to watch and the warmth of the concrete.

So far so good, with the exception of one little head stuck in a hay feeder, and one escapee who ventured through a fence hole and couldn't get back in.

We are still waiting on Lina, Fern and Betty. Each day I suggest they lamb, but each day they defy my suggestion. So today I said nothing.

Blue is gaining strength and an appetite after losing her twin girl. After being induced on a Wednesday, she finally broke water at 7 AM Friday. I gave her 30 minutes on her own, then returned and helped pull out the first male. He wasn't breathing, but I gave him mouth to mouth and kept swinging him and he gasped. He seems strong and healthy. Blue was very exhausted and I knew she needed help, so I went in right away and pulled out the remaining twin, a big white girl, but she was dead. Her mouth was still warm which means she probably had not been dead long. She was very covered in meconium so we surmise she drowned in it. Blue seems a bit depressed but after two days of sun, I think she's a bit better today, eating more. We have her on probiotics, penicillin and B12 until her appetite returns.

And me? I feel asleep in front of the fire last night right after Martyn put on some Jimi Hendrix. Being lulled to sleep by Jimi, and bed at nine - I guess I was tired.

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Kathy said...

Those lambs are adorable. Having been a reader of your blog for several years I can see how you have matured as a midwife for the sheep. I know it isn't easy to lose a lamb or it's mother and I am so impressed by the way you handle it each year. Thanks for sharing with us who would never get a chance to observe first hand.

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